Reservwars – Mammal and Plant Concept Art done

Reservwars is planning to launch the Indiegogo fund raising campaign. Check out the promo video let us know what you think.

Here are the latest Reservwars updates:

– The multiplayer has been named Battle mode. We got rid of the Connection screen, so it is pretty quick to get into a game.

– The single player has been named Campaign. We have a few maps for it, some simple AI and the dialogue system is in place.

– The localization system is also in place now. If anyone is willing to translate the game to other languages, please let me know. The story currently has around 500 lines (sentences) of text to be translated.

– Burst mode has been implemented. A creature will launch a charge attack if it sees another creature.

– Most of the mammal and plant concept art has been completed!

– We are very busy modeling and painting. Animation is just starting.

– Over 10 maps have been created. They look great!

Please get out the word now about Reservwars. We look forward to and thank you for your support.